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barongavin at suddenlink.net barongavin at suddenlink.net
Thu Jun 12 14:33:48 PDT 2008

Unto Your Excellency, Christian Dore’,

Your words are filled with wisdom as one cannot help but expect from one of such honor and reputation.  And while I will not stoop to base bribery as my wayward cousin has so insultingly done, I will humbly request of you this boon.  I would ask that you come lead my rapier forces in the upcoming unpleasantness.

Yours in Service,
HE Gavin
Seneschal Trelac

Your Excellency,

I understand that in your area cousins may find the need to hold family
discussions sword in hand from time to time and I have no stake in such
affairs. However, respectfully, I say that when seeking advantage be
cautious how you use Her Majesty and her good name lest you find Her
defenders arrayed against you and the conflict turned more serious than a
scuffle between cousins.

Baron Christian Doré

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