[Ansteorra] Missive HE Chiang, Baron of Bonwicke and HE Gavin...

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Thu Jun 12 22:13:03 PDT 2008

  My dear friend,
It has been long since we have seen and heard from you. It would a great 
pleasure to see you again. Any and all help in this matter would be 
appreciated, but I fear that it has gone past all hopes of a diplomatic 
settlement. HE Gavin has stated that he wishes to see myself and all who 
gather with me, at a site near Sweetwater. Many a battle has been fought 
there and it would seem another shall be again.
  I look forward to seeing you and your lovely lady once again. Until then,
  I am and remain humbly,
  HE Chiang
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> Greetings from a Noble cousin who has held lands for the Crown of 
> Ansetorra and today honors the Crown and service as a member of the Barony 
> of Bryn Gwlad...
> I send my counsel to all on this matter of wayward servants who, while 
> trying to please their Master have taken liberties in their actions.
> Perhaps some kind of material compensation by both sides in the name of 
> Pax may be in order at a parlay of the effected parties.
> May I suggest an exchange for a settled amount of mead, beers, wines, 
> items of value such as weapons, armour, steads and stock or such for the 
> incresse on the lands of Bonwicke and damages done.
> I would offer my services as a mediator (for a small fee of course :) to
> facilitate these peace negations between the Grand Barony or Bonwicke and 
> the fine folks of Baron Gavins Shire of Trelec that may have made 
> transgressions on the lands of Bonwicke.
> I would be honored to help my cousins of the West as well as my Lady as We 
> hail from the lands of Western Ansteorra and We began our journies in the 
> SCA many years ago in the lands of Bonwicke, Trelec and Mendersham.
> It also gives us a really good reason to travel out there and see you 
> guys.....hehe....
> Please consider this offer...
> In Service to Ansteorra, et.al. ....
> Baron Niklas Vasilevich, former Baron of the Barony of Raven's Fort, now 
> retired in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad

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