[Ansteorra] dress for King's College?

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While this is true; that garb is a requirement for an event (IIRC it is
defined in the Corpora), it is not always true that
things-that-look-like-events are always in garb.

The Kingdom of Ealdormere holds their practicums in plain clothes.  I am not
sure how they pull this off.  It was treated as an event in every other way
from an attendee's perspective.  I am sure there is some technicality that
facilitated this.

Since many of the classes were modern analyses and instruction of historical
events, concepts, etc. garb/reenactment really weren't appropriate.

I had to ask this same question about King's College a couple of months ago.


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Lady Stephanie asked:

>  What dress is expected for King's College?  It is usually mundane
> clothing but there was no mention of that in any announcement I
> have seen.

It's an event; it's in costume.

The only exception to that is Red Tape, because it's not an event, just a 
collection of bureaucratic classes and meetings.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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