[Ansteorra] dress for King's College?

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> While this is true; that garb is a requirement for an event
> (IIRC it is
> defined in the Corpora), it is not always true that
> things-that-look-like-events are always in garb.
> The Kingdom of Ealdormere holds their practicums in plain
> clothes.  I am not
> sure how they pull this off.  It was treated as an event in
> every other way
> from an attendee's perspective.  I am sure there is
> some technicality that
> facilitated this.
> Since many of the classes were modern analyses and
> instruction of historical
> events, concepts, etc. garb/reenactment really weren't
> appropriate.
> I had to ask this same question about King's College a
> couple of months ago.
> Will

There was a group of artisans and historians that for a time held some symposium on specific themed subjects, called the 'Alexandrian Symposium'.  These 'event's were held in modern dress, instead of SCA dress, as it was treated as more an academic activity, such as at a modern university.  I miss those symposium, they were great. 

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