[Ansteorra] dress for King's College?

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Fri Jun 13 12:43:35 PDT 2008

For many groups garb is also not required for meetings or fighter
practice. The reasoning is that these are not events so much as they are
practice or preparation for events. And for newer people it is a place
to try things our with out having to have a full kit yet and so it also
saves wear and tear on your kit.

I would guess if you do not have appropriate gear for this weekend that
you can get away with a poor attempt or just plain mundanes for the
classes. Bring a tunic to throw on for court.


Hillary Greenslade wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] dress for King's College?
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>> While this is true; that garb is a requirement for an event
>> (IIRC it is
>> defined in the Corpora), it is not always true that
>> things-that-look-like-events are always in garb.

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