[Ansteorra] Last day to preregister for Pennsic

Adrienne R. Ferrell aferrell at greatambience.com
Sat Jun 14 21:29:07 PDT 2008

June 15th (father's day) is the last day to preregister for Pennsic.
Everyone (other than Ebe and Ulsted) should pre register as camping with
"Populace of Ansteorra"
The Heirs will not be chosen until after pre registration closes; in
order to accommodate
the Heirs, and their entourage please register as camping with "populace
of Ansteorra".
We are give 250 sq feet per person (they some times compress this). The
kingdom of Ansteorra is a set amount
(meaning we get the same space for the kingdom regardless if there are 2
or 100 people pre registered for that land)

Here's the link

Please don't forget to email me your information.

Mistress Seraphina Maslovska

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