[Ansteorra] Missive to HE Gavin

HE Chiang chiang at nts-online.net
Sun Jun 15 21:32:00 PDT 2008

  My Dear Cousin,
I thank you for your words, as well as your actions in making us feel so 
much at home when are able to visit. You and the entire Northern Region has 
went out of its way to show us the greatest of hospitalities. I would invite 
all of the Northern Region to come to Gothic and help me kick Gavin's....I 
mean help me out in this small matter.
  I can only hope to show at least a small portion of the generosity and 
kindnesses you and the North have shown to Bonwicke.
  I am and remain, yours in humble service,
  HE Chiang
  Baron of Bonwicke

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> Goode Nobles, Gentlemen All,
> Please know that I speak here after with all diplomacy and care. Words 
> from these missives of late are quick with anger and unprovoked 
> challenges. I will try not to speak in such a manner as it does not befit 
> our station. Noble Cousins and good men of Ansteorra please do not make 
> take these aggressions further. As a leader among men in these Northern 
> reaches of Ansteorra I must warn against such actions and accusations for 
> they raise the ire of the proud and fierce people of the North and since 
> we are all brothers under the sable star you should not bring strife. If 
> you cannot see past what ever the cause and strife is unavoidable then I 
> am saddened to be the one who must remind you that that no Baron in the 
> Northern Region does stand alone.
> We of the Northern Region are Ansteorran peoples just as you are proud and 
> strong as the children of the lion should be. It troubles me to see that 
> although leadership changes trends do not and perhaps your choice of words 
> takes a queue from days past where the bullying of a Western regional 
> noble may have proven good sport when they stepped astray. I can not see 
> where HE Chang has gone wrong, and the days of a Western region are now 
> gone. Let the wall of Chang stand as it is his right to take what ever 
> steps deemed necessary to protect the people and lands placed under his 
> care by our King. If you and your "Civic Guard" are impinging upon Chang’s 
> rights and responsibilities by tearing down his walls then sadly it seems 
> it is you who have strayed. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the harsh life 
> offered on the borders of the Kingdom where walls are a necessity to 
> protect ones way of life. There is not one Barony nor Shire in the North 
> ever so small who would stand alone in their rights as Ansteorrans to 
> defend themselves, their lands, and their way of life from any incursions 
> or insults even those offer by a fellow Ansteorran, thinking he is doing 
> right however misguided he may be.
> Here in the North we stand together in unity serving the Crown of 
> Ansteorra and its people both on and off the field of battle. So as your 
> proceed remember that we are one people standing as one army. If you 
> insist on bringing your provocations and hostilities into these Northern 
> borders against Baron Chang and Bonwicke then too do you bring the same 
> against Northkeep, all the North, and there by all of Ansteorra. I would 
> ask that you think long and hard about such an enterprise. Many a brave 
> fool from lands other than Ansteorra has thought to challenge the people 
> of the Northern Region of Ansteorra and now their folly makes fodder for 
> the green grasses upon the fields of Gulf War and Lilies. I beg you good 
> cousins do not be a fool such as the others. Do not give up the lives of 
> our fellow Ansteorran's, those who might follow your banner or your 
> misguided cause, as fodder to the fields of the Northern Region.
> In Service and Solidarity I remain,
> Ian Dun Gillan
> Baron of Northkeep

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