[Ansteorra] Missive HE Chiang, Baron of Bonwicke and HE Gavin...

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Sun Jun 15 21:53:07 PDT 2008

  Dear Miles.
Thank you for your offer. Any and all who wish to come and offer aid of any 
sort, are welcome. I invite all fighters both heavy and light, artisans, 
bards to come to Gothic and help me kick the cr....I mean fight on the side 
of justice as we defeat Baron Gavin, usurper and destroyer of small fences.
HE Chiang
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> An excellent suggestion, your Excellency.  Very wise of you, and most 
> noble of you to offer your services so selflessly.  I am moved by your 
> example, and shall open my cellar to offer up some stocks of my libations 
> in this cause.  If they may be used to help settle matters peacefully, I 
> would be honored to have played some small part in avoiding bloodshed.
> Of course, it would seem such a waste to transport these wares so far to 
> the West if it turns out violence is unavoidable.  If that is to be, then 
> I would be equally honored to offer them as refreshment to the courageous 
> warriors upon whom will fall the burden of the sad failure of diplomacy. 
> And to the diplomats, to help ease their sorrow over their inability to 
> prevent warfare.  And to all who accompany both the warriors and the 
> diplomats, for their work is so often hot, tiring, and thankless.  And, 
> naturally, to those who just traveled out there to see you guys.
> For those diplomats who must surely be negotiating even now in an effort 
> to deny the cruel Spectre of War his grisly measure, I offer one bit of 
> solace in the event an agreement cannot be reached.  Nearly three decades 
> ago, I was taught that blood makes the grass grow.  So if bloodshed there 
> must be, at least the victor's livestock shall not fall upon sparse 
> grazing and lean times.  (It being the natural course of such things that 
> the livestock of the vanquished shall fall upon the spit, to be roasted in 
> celebration of the victory.)
> Let us drink to peace.  Let us drink to war.  Let us drink to our 
> comrades.  Let us drink to our foes.  Let us drink to our joys.  Let us 
> drink away our sorrows.
> Does there seem to be rather heavy emphasis on drinking in this message? 
> How typical for a brewer.  :-)
>  Miles Grey

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