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Greetings to All!

I wish to thank those who made the Ministry of Children's Pavilion possible
at King's College.  We had 8 wonderful children join us for the day.  We
talked about heraldry and devices, did some weaving, beading and embroidery,
learned about period foods and tasted "periodesque" foods found in modern
times, played games and were entertained by a bard or three.

Thank you to:

Julio (Josh), Tom and Layla (Ruth) for help setting up the MoC Pavilion.  I
could not have done it without your help.

Christianna Fergusson, my Deputy MoC, Steppes for all her hard work in
preparing for the period food lesson and tasting, bringing supplies and
otherwise keeping me from going crazy.  The discussion of period foods was
wonderful!  And who knew that almond milk would be such a hit with the

Jennifer Couch and Jennifer Hamilton for their presence and assistance
during the day.  Helping MoC stay "two-deep" in adult supervision is so
important these days!

HL Willoc who taught weaving .  Her instruction in weaving was clear and
simple but not "dumbed down" in the least.  Thank you, also, for the needles
we needed!!  I have a feeling the kids will be asking to do weaving again

Ly Belle for your enthusiasm and energy during games!  I envy you that
youthful spirit and enjoyed watching the younger children looking to you for
instructions and ideas.  Thank you for your singing during Story and Song as

Lord Eirik for another fine class in Catapults....from popsicle sticks,
electrical tape and plastic spoons!  As always, this is a huge hit with the
kids (and adults...).  I must, however, deny any knowledge of future attacks
on nobility with these catapults and marshmallows.

Lord Lochlann Dunn, who brought a watermelon for all the share!  It was an
unexpected treat and it was devoured by hot youngsters and helpers.  It was
a pleasure having your join us for part of the day.

Gavvin Quinn, who entertained us with his songs.  I'm still thinking about
The Sentient Chili.  :)  You can sing for the children any time...so keep
working on that "child-friendly" repertoire.

Goldweard (my apologies if I misspelled), for joining us during the day.

I am grateful to ALL of you for the work you put in and the time you spent
with our children.  Because of you, the MoC Pavilion and Children's
Activities are possible.

Thank you again!

Klara, Steppes MoC
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