[Ansteorra] Kings College Thank yous....

Viviana Rowntree tinygypsylady at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 08:46:46 PDT 2008

Good Day to all good Gentles in our Lovely Kingdom,

I wanted to send out my personal thank yous to those who helped My Lord
Dietrich and myself make King's College work!

*Lady Regan,* for all of your hard work on the site and helping me keep
everything running smoothly

*Lady Annwn*, for taking over the class scheduling at gate and helping with
tokens... and all else~

 *Sir Morgan,* for arranging the Chiv classes and all of the hands on help
you provided whenever we needed you.
*Sir Hrfan*, thank you for helping us manage and make loadout/loadin and
setup work.

*His Excellency Daire* and all those who showed up with Elfsea's tables and
pavillions to provide us workspace, shade and many helping hands!

For our setup crew, *HE Daire, Sir Morgan, Sir Hrfan, Don Sebastian, HL
Hannah and her Lord, Megan and Damon, Julio and Elec, Regan and Faelan,
Borek, Lochlann and Leham (our water boy!)* and to the others I hugged but
do not know your names!

*Lady Katya*, for taking over gate for Lord Dietrich and making it work
wonderfully.  Please thank all of your Staff!

*Lady Layela*, for giving me your day, lecturing me on the use of the
dratted electronic device, helping with lunch... etc.

*Elec , *THANK YOU for the lovely desserts and bread you provided the
Laurels Circle. Because of you, we had MORE than enough food!

*John Plus*, for letting me boss you around and helping me not go insane
with the schedule and class layout when it kept changing at the last minute!

*Julio*, Being there whenever I needed something done!

*Lady Elizabeth*, for your time and help... as usual

*Master Gunthar*, your words and support... I was NOT mad at you! lol

*Lord Faelan*.... sigh.  What to say? I wanted to kill you, throttle you and
dismember you many a time over the last week but without you, I would not
have gotten the layout and setup completed.  My thanks for taking this on at
the last minute.

*Mistress Rhiannon*, thank you for helping us with some items for the
Laurel's Circle luncheon!  :)

*Don Sebastian*, thank you for letting us use your pavillion and helping us
set up when we needed it!

*HE Borek*, for letting us borrow your pavillion AND helping us set it up.

*Megan and Damon* - what to say?  You keep me laughing when I wanted to tear
my hair out and seemed to have whatever I needed to make things work.  I
love you both dearly.

*Lord Robert,* being patient with us and working with us regarding His

For those who ended UP on my staff...

*Milo Le Roux & Thomas* (His very 1st event and he pitched in whereever I
needed him!)... THANK YOU!!!
*Will Merrick*, for keeping tabs on me in the morning when I was sure I lost
my mind.  And keeping me hyderated.
*Miles Grey*, I am SOOOO glad you got the Crane!  You have always been there
when I needed another hand!

To my brother, *Lord Dietrich*, quite the ride, eh??

*To Your Majesties*.... for your patience!

To *HE Katheryn*, thank you for believing we could do this and make you
proud.  And for the Barony support!

My last thank you is, perhaps, the most heartfelt.  Thank you to my
wonderful SCA family and household for your support, your wisdom, your
strenght, your belief in me and listening to me do everything from rant, cry
and laugh hysterically.  I most certainly would not have managed this
without you standing behind me.  I love you each very much.

Ok... sorry this was so long and I hope I didn't forget a single solitary
soul who helped make this happen.



Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile!!

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