[Ansteorra] coronation

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Mon Jun 16 14:01:04 PDT 2008

Hehehe, sometimes I think we're the Society for Clever Acronyms, because we have so many other but accurate adult names with the SCA letters... :D

Klfrench1023 at aol.com wrote:  
In a message dated 6/15/2008 6:52:25 P.M. Central Daylight Time, 
ThoraOdottir123 at aol.com writes:

Before I joined the SCA I had the words "anachronism" and "acronym" 
too. Sometimes I think the mistaken name is kinda funny.

Does that mean that we're not the 'Society for Compulsive Anality'? Guess I 
joined the wrong group....


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