[Ansteorra] Attention King's College teachers

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Jun 16 17:04:22 PDT 2008

First thank you everyone for the time you spent creating and teaching  
such wonderful classes.  If I'm not teaching classes as such events I  
try to get to as many as I can.

Unfortunately, since there were multiple class tracks it is  
impossible for any one person to attend all the classes.

However, there is a way that people who missed your particular  
classes or who couldn't make the event can benefit from the time and  
effort you have already put in.

If you created a class handout which can stand alone without you  
there teaching the class, please consider sending it to me to include  
in the Florilegium.  I have already been in contact with a few  
teachers, who I or others in my party took classes from so I've seen  
their handouts, but there were a lot of other classes as well. A  
simple outline is difficult to use but many handouts work quite well  
as stand-alone articles.

My standard policy is that the copyright remains with the author and  
I will take updates or removal :-( requests at any time. I can also  
replace a class handout with a more polished article later if you  
wish. In the meantime, folks can be learning from even what you might  
think of as a rough handout. One of the greatest shames is the  
article which someone will not allow me to publish until it is  
"perfect". It never is. There is always something that can be  
improved, but in the meantime people can still be learning from what  
you've already learned.

Word, RTF or text formats are the easiest for me to work with, but I  
can often read others. I can talk to you further about how much and  
what contact info you would like me to include, as well as any  
republication permissions allowed. I can handle photographs and  
diagrams if you have permission to use them.

Peers, this is a good way for your students to increase their  
visibility across the Known World, as well as within this kingdom. It  
is also a good way for you, and them, to give back to our Society.  
Yes, I accept articles from Peers as well as from apprentices. :-)   
And I do correct spelling errors, so even squires can send in  
articles. :-) :-)

Thanks for listening,
THLord Stefan li Rous    Barony of Bryn Gwlad    Kingdom of Ansteorra
    Mark S. Harris           Austin, Texas           
StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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