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Regan Caimbeul regan.caimbeul at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 09:10:07 PDT 2008

Good morning everyone!

Kings College is now over, and I hope everyone who attended, helped out, or
taught had a great time.  I know in the next few days (after they've had
some rest) our fearless event stewards, Dietrich and Viviana, will be
sending out thank yous to all of those who made this event possible.  As
Site Coordinator, I would like to convey my appreciation to the following
people for their assistance in the areas for which I was responsible.  I
apologize to anyone that I may have missed (especially since I am horrible
at remembering names).

*Trailer*:  Sir Hrafn thank you for schlepping the stuff to and from the
barony's storage unit (including my pavilion at my house). We could not have
made it with out you.  Lady Elizabeta: Thank you for the use of your truck.
It was an immense help!  HL Alasdair: Thank you for agreeing to pick up the
trailer before load out on Friday and then for helping to find another
arrangement when plans fell through.  And thanks to your brother in law for
bringing the trailer to the storage unit on Friday.

*Load out:*  Thanks to the following people who helped make load out at the
storage unit run smoothly:  Lady Viviana, Lord Dietrich, Sir Morgan, Sir
Hrafn, Elec and Julio.

*Pavilions*: Had it not been for the generosity of the these people and
groups, we would not have had places to hold all of the many classes.  Thank
you again for the use of your pavilions and to those who made a special trip
to bring them to site to get them set up.  The Barony of Elfsea, Barony of
Steppes, The Canton of Glaslyn (thank you to Micola for transporting it to
and from site), HE Katheryn, Lady Ascelyn, HE Borek, HL Hanna von Dahl, Don
Sebastian, Lady Elizabeth Seale and Count Gunthar Jonsson, Lord Lachlan
Dunn, Centurian Damon and Megan, Lady Susanne Nightegale of Caldwell, Elec
and Julio d'Are,

*Note: For set up and tear down, we had A LOT of people helping.  I know
that I will miss people in this thanks, because we were fortunate enough to
have an army of volunteers.  I was not able to see everyone.  However, had
it not been for your hard work, putting up all of those pavilions, tables,
etc, and then tearing it all down would've taken FOREVER.  So, THANK YOU!*
*Set up (Friday night and Saturday morning)*:
Faelan, Dietrich, Viviana, Sir Morgan, Sir Hrafn, HE Daire and the band of
volunteers that he brought from Elfsea, Lachlan and Liam (and thank you for
sharing your drinks!), HL Hannah, Megan, Damon, Don Sebastian, Layla, John,
Annwn, Elizabeth, HE Katheryn, Sir Lasguaard, Lyneya, Milo, Will Merrick-and
many others

*Tear down/Clean Up*:
Dietrich, Viviana, Annwn, John, Don Duncan, Genvieve, Elizabeth, Gunthar,
Ker Megan (Pyro), Caelin, JJ and Elfwynn, Julio, Elec, Lachlan and Liam, HE
Daire, HE Katheryn, Sir Morgan, Sir Hrafn, Lord Ivo-and many others.

*Load In*:  Annwyn, John, Gunthar, Elizabeth, Viviana, Katheryn, Morgan,
Julio and Elec

*To Those Who Offered Their homes for crash space*: Christianna and Duncan
de Bard, Don Duncan and Mistress Genvieve..and I know there were more who
hosted friends from afar.  Thank you for opening your homes so that
our guests from distant places could come and enjoy this time of learning
and fellowship.
Special Thanks**:*

To Their Majesties:  Thank you for allowing us the priviledge to plan this
event for you.  It was an honor and a pleasure to make this event possible.
I hope that we met your expectations.

Baroness Katheryn: Thanks for being there and being your bubbly self, and
encouraging the team to take on this challenge of planning this event. I
hope that we were able to step up to the plate in the way that you knew we

Elec & Julio: My minions!  ;-)  You guys worked your butts off!  On top of
baking for lunch, you were everywhere: Load out, load in, set up, tear down,
and if you weren't taking a class, you were helping out.
Damon: Anytime that someone asked you to help-or when you saw a need
somewhere: you were there to offer your hand, height, strength, wit, and
most of all support.

HE Daire:  Your help was invaluable for this event: bringing your army of
volunteers to help with set up and tear down, the offer of your pavillions,
assistance for pavillions that were falling down, etc.  I can't tell you how
much we appreciated what you did.
(There was a baroness who also helped with the saving of one of
the pavilions.  I honestly do not know her name, and for that I apologize.
However, your assistance and quick thinking were, none the less,

Layla:  My fellow Nutty Gal!  You seemed to be everywhere, and I think I
heard you say that the only reason you came was to help out.  With putting
signs on tents, redrawing a map, helping with bells, helping with tents..
you were a true asset to the staff.  Thanks!

Alasdair: Thanks for your work on the website, and all the changes that had
to be made.  Also, thank you for your help with the class schedule for the
gate handout.

The Planning Committee: Wow!  We did it!  This was our first Kingdom level
event (and first event to steward- period- for Viv and Dietrich).  The
response/attendance was much more than we anticipated, and that has a lot to
do with all of the effort that was put into it.  We had some snags, but when
doesn't something to this magnitude have them?  Thanks for letting me be
part of it all.  Love you guys!

Annwn: Thanks for being our mom and keeping us cool, hydrated, and basically
watching out for all of us.

Viviana-  My friend, Wow!  Great Job!  I don't envy your job, but what
you did to coordinate all 70-some classes and teachers, making lunch for the
royalty and everything else: it turned out a success.  Time for some
well-deserved rest!  (hugs)
Dietrich- Thanks for your help on Security duty Friday night, making sure I
didn't burn, making sure things ran smoothly on the executive/financial end,
keeping us in line, and being there when you could. (hugs)

Faelan: Thank you for everything you have done for this weekend!  Meeting
people on site, coordinating set up before we got there, making copies of
handouts and maps, keeping me from stressing too much. We had you going
every which way, you didn't have a lot of sleep with work and yet you still
made time to help where you could.

As I said earlier, I know that I am missing people in my thanks.  However,
please know that if you helped in any capacity, I am indebted to you.  This
event could not have been a success without the support of all of the

In Service to the Kingdom and the Dream,

Lady Regan Caimbeul
Site Coordinator
Kings College
If everything happened when and how we wanted, then nothing would be worth
waiting for...

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