[Ansteorra] Proposed change in waterbearing

D Barr dab32 at cwru.edu
Tue Jun 17 13:21:19 PDT 2008

I am still new to the game, so whether we have an "non-official" guild, or
an "official" officer does not matter much to me.  What matters to me is
that waterbearing continues to happen (and that we can still recognize it -
waterbearing is a lot of work).  Take away waterbearing and we *guarantee*
heat casualties.  Keep it, and we *might* have an outbreak... the risk of
which is reduced by our (local) current approach of not letting bottles
touch lips, and sterilizing often.

I'm not a lawyer, though I understand the hassle of red tape.  I just don't
want to see our community suffer because of a lack of "official" support.

Oh, and whatever we decide, perhaps we *should* add a line to the waiver.
At least then we could say that we officially told people about the risk
(those few who actually read the waiver :p ).  Common sense should already
tell us that if we personally feel the risk is too great, then we can
provide and drink our own personal water supply.  (Just a thought - might be
good, might not. :p )

-a concerned newbie-

"In fact, I read it to mean we can still have the same officers,
training and organization structure that we currently have in place,
which would be great. Mistress Hillary worked hard to get that ball
rolling, and it would be nice to see it continue. We just have to
call them a *guild* instead of *officers*. Big woop. :P"

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