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SoldierGrrrl soldier.grrrl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 14:41:35 PDT 2008

On 6/17/08, Chris Zakes <dontivar at gmail.com> wrote:
> At 02:51 PM 6/17/2008, Jean Paul wrote:
> I've seen it happen (not recently, and I won't name the fighters to avoid
> embarassing them) but it's happened at Gulf War and Queen's Champion,
> probably other events, but I remember those two specifically. It wasn't so
> much a desire to win as it was just not paying attention and not realizing
> they were getting dehydrated.
>        -Tivar Moondragon

It's really not as hard to go down from heat injuries as people think
it is, either.  Also, if you've ever had a heat injury, you are more
prone to going down with repeat injuries.

A lot of the time I felt woozy from heat was just from being so busy
that I didn't think to eat, even though I was drinking water.

I honestly don't have much to say about the waterbearing.  I love the
fact that waterbearers are floating about, and it's got to be hot
work, but I also think it's my job, both as a fighter and part of a
fighter support team, to make sure that both my fighters and I are
properly taken care of.  That means I have to know how to browbeat my
fighters into eating and drinking, and also, when to knock off and get
my butt to the pavilion for H2O and food.

In service,
Helena Dalassene
Blonde.  It's not just a hair color; it's a way of life.


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