[Ansteorra] Waterbearing Proposel

Angela Scott silvrbnd at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 18:58:08 PDT 2008

I have missed what the actual proposal was but from what I have read I am intriguied. I hold my associates in atheltic training and just starting to work on my fitness and nutrition arena. 
  We were required to serve cool water but not cold because the body had to work harder to absorb the cold water. As for gatorade to get the proper electrolyte balance it must be mixed according to directions. I have been out of the field for several years and may have missed some of the new research on this. 
  However if there are waterbearers or not water should be provided. some individuals underestimate their needs due to climate differences, emergencies arise, etc. The main key is that you can not force someone to take water.
  Lady Juliana


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