[Ansteorra] The "Small Wars Proposal"

RGF rgf44 at att.net
Tue Jun 17 19:32:54 PDT 2008

(high squeaky voice)
We would be glad to share our Helium with you. We would just need to collect
a small tax that I am sure Baron Chaing would require, to finance this
impending war with HE Gavin.


random peerages orders vs a local group...

Come to think of it, those scurrilous mangy rotten nasty
toe-chewing rabble in the Shire of Aldersruhe own the
largest reservoir of helium in the world. Do you realize
what peril this has put every Pelican in the Known World?
Don't you realize that these scum-ridden back-sliding clod-
kickers in Aldersruhe could eventually control every 
"Helium Hand" in the Society??? Obviously preemptive 
measures are called for here before the very nature of the 
Order of the Pelican is endangered.  We must fight a crusade
for the rights to all that helium before it's too late!!!

Mind you, I don't think I even know anyone yet in Aldersruhe,
and I'm sure they are all very nice folks, especially to
have little war with...but yes, I do agree - it's an awful 
lot of fun coming up with the silliest reasons to have a 
little war.  I'm all for it.  The only problem is finding
time in the kingdom calendar for all that mayhem.

an old used war-junkie

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