[Ansteorra] [Western] Ansteorra Digest, Vol 26, Issue 53

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Tue Jun 17 18:37:21 PDT 2008

  My Dear Friend,
I did not believe you could be so easily deceived. I have always held 
Blacklake and it people, in the highest of regards. I have always felt like 
it was a home away from home, so to speak. I have been its named defender 
more times than just about anyone else. Has it not occurred to you that the 
message you intercepted was to set up Bonwicke and myself? As far as not 
denying the tax collectors, or their being mine, I have sent no tax 
collectors to Blacklake or Crossroads for that matter. I have sent no one 
except a few surveyors, fence builders and a few men to guard them.
  My feelings about tax collectors is well known, and has been low these 
many years. More than one tax collectors has met his match with me. Granted 
things have not been as well in western Ansteorra, lately, but still I have 
seen no cause to send anyone to collect any taxes. I think instead that many 
are trying to use old rumors and lies about me toward their own ends.
  May haps one day soon, the west will be calm again.
  I am and remain, humbly your friend,

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> You are not innocent in all of this Chiang!  Your "small fence"! HA!  A
> stone fortified wall manned with armed men!  Your "southern border" is 
> many
> miles north of where that monster was built!  Aside from all of this there
> have been 'tax collectors' running all though my shire of Blacklake taking
> everything that wasn't nailed down!  None of which you have denied!  And 
> now
> I intercept this report from the captain of Trelac's guard...

------all the lies and crap snipped for brevity------------

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