[Ansteorra] Ansteorra Digest, Vol 26, Issue 53

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Tue Jun 17 18:06:17 PDT 2008

You are not innocent in all of this Chiang!  Your "small fence"! HA!  A
stone fortified wall manned with armed men!  Your "southern border" is many
miles north of where that monster was built!  Aside from all of this there
have been 'tax collectors' running all though my shire of Blacklake taking
everything that wasn't nailed down!  None of which you have denied!  And now
I intercept this report from the captain of Trelac's guard...

"Unto Baron Gavin, Seneschal of Trelac, does Lady Muirghein MacKiernan,
Captain of the Civic Guard of Trelac send greetings from the field.

"As you know, the Guard was dispatched to investigate reports of an
encroaching wall on our new lands of Crossroad Keep, the gentle ladies of
this fair land being afraid for their safety, with so few warriors to
protect them. It is my unfortunate duty to relate what we found. 

"Upon our arrival, it became obvious that reports were grossly
underestimated. A large wall was even then being constructed of stone and
mortar by men claiming to be surveyors and engineers, though they wore large
swords on their belts. We, of course, immediately questioned the purpose of
the wall and upon whose order it was being built into our lands. Rather than
answer our just questions, these brigands attacked! It was a fierce fight,
one that traveled, unfortunately onto the lands of our good friend Centurion
Gerold. I am sad to say that the enemy was using flaming arrows for their
archers and it appears that the good Centurion's home was caught in their
sights. Though, I must confess, if confuses me as to how stone caught fire
so quickly. During this fight, we saw that the brigands had stolen a large
herd of donkeys that are so important to our people. It seemed the good
Gerold had very few men nearby to either help put out the flames of his home
or help us round up what was left of the herd, though he wasn't clear where
his men were. 

"It is my intention to remain for a time, to assist the good Centurion until
his men return, though I am not sure how long we will be welcome. Somehow
your colors were painted on his walls and there is some argument over who
the donkeys belong to, now. I believe, my lord, that Trelac is being set up!

"I send this missive by my most trusted aid-de-camp, Seoras. I have
cautioned him to take care in reaching you safely, as I believe there may be
enemies still in our lands who may try to do him harm. I pray this reaches
you before the foul rumors that I am sure will abound.

"In service to Trelac,

"Lady Muirghein MacKiernan, Captain"

All is not as you would make it seem good Baron.  So it seems I must put out
the call to my mercenary brethren to make sure the sides are even when you
and Gavin meet.  Perhaps if the fighting is close enough you'll both stay in
your own lands to lick your wounds and me and mine will be in peace!

So mercenaries one and all, be you captain or single soldier, come to Gothic
and I will pay you well and offer the loot of the field as well as a fee in
gold and drink!  I'll send you where the fightings hottest and make it
hotter for both these fiends!  Glory and riches to be had my brothers!

Gerold Von Drachenhohle

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>Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] The "Small Wars Proposal"
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>  My Dear Kamaitaichi,
>When you speak so nicely of the manners of the Great Lords of the realm, it

>makes me think that you have never met HE Gavin. Now here is man much like 
>those evil ones of the past, of which you also spoke. He would put many of 
>the ones from the past to shame.
>  I merely built a small fence along the southern border of my humble 
>Barony, he sends his minions to not only tear it down, but also burned the 
>domicile of a good friend, killed all the local donkeys (for some strange 
>reason known only to himself) and continues to foment dissent in the area. 
>All in all not a reputable fellow.
>  I would invite you and all who would help put down this menace to come to

>Gothic Wars this Labor Day weekend, to be known hence forth as Gothic 
>Weekend. Come out and get as much fighting as you can possibly stand or 
>handle. To almost quote Sir Corwin, it is as much fun as you can have 
>wearing too much stuff.
>  Your humble servant,
>  HE Chiang
>  Baron of Bonwicke
>  The good Baron not that evil Gavin

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