[Ansteorra] The waterbearing brouhaha

D Barr dab32 at cwru.edu
Wed Jun 18 12:41:25 PDT 2008

>>So, (and of course IANAL) if the activity is continuing just as before
>>and not being prohibited, there's very little difference between that
>>and official sanction.  Couldn't the SCA be sued just as easily for
>>allowing it to go on at sanctioned events?  A lawyer that would sue as
>>things stand now would probably also sue under the new rules.

>Yes, but... Are you familiar with the concept of "deep pockets"? It's
>something bad lawyers look for when they want to sue somebody. If,
>for example, I get shot during a robbery, the gun manufacturer would
>have *far* more money than the gunman, thus a bad lawyer might try to
>sue the gun manufacturer, trying to make the case that it's somehow
>*their* fault.

>The SCA has far more money than Joe Waterbearer, so suing the SCA
>makes more sense to a bad lawyer.
>        -Tivar Moondragon

The way I read it, you both just said the same thing.

(who really is looking for a name - really - all the good ones are taken
;^)  )

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