[Ansteorra] The Waterbearing Bruhaha

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Thu Jun 19 11:45:31 PDT 2008

Just had a thought...
  We, as a group, can keep track of traffic rules in different areas, curfew rules in different area, site rules for different areas, fire rules for different places, seasons, and days, merchant tax rules for different areas... We even have a Senechal that's supposed to help guide in that area. 
  Why can't each local group have a food safety officer, maybe even as a deputy of the Senechal, to know what's correct for the area? This person could contact their local health department about once per year to ask about the rules and regs, and then then make sure that all of the food events (feasts, taverns, hospitality, contests, classes, etc.) in that area follow accordingly. Making sure would be a quick call prior to the event to each person in charge of a a food event to keep them updated.
  That seems to be the best way to avoid fines, lawsuits, or any other such legal issues. The current proposal seems to want to avoid compliance with local regulations, and to blame shift to avoid liability. (Although it may not. I didn't draft it so I can only guess.)
  It also might help some of the sanitary issues that we have all seen in the SCA (i.e. 'contact' areas with regard to waterbearing) and make us a safer, healthier SCA, as opposed to an afraid-of-everything SCA.
  I'd also like to point out that if we ever had a media-worthy outbreak, the SCA would be a focal point no matter if the food in question was 'official' or not. It's a very fine distinction that is too fine for a media news frenzy, or even a quick sound bite. :)
  I, for one, am just about ready to finish up my comment (read: essay), lol.
  R the O

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