[Ansteorra] Answers to Questions-Waterbearer proposal

Michelle Dodd lygabrielerdb at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 19 19:44:44 PDT 2008

Actually, after having been at several different renaissance faires, I have to say that the porta-pottys at our events are usually a lot cleaner then at faires. Our gentlemen don't seem to have the same desire to spray the walls (and everything else) the way some do.
I do like the idea of tongs for the food. I know I don't touch it if I don't plan to eat it, but you never know who had their hand in the tray before you walked up. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but you never know who was there before you.
Also If the waterbearers become Un-official, I certainly hope that they become a Guild. I have appreciated, during the years that I have been playing, that the waterbearers are trained in sanitation and know how to serve the drink without touching the lips or drowning the drinker.
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