[Ansteorra] Answers to Questions-Waterbearer proposal

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Fri Jun 20 08:54:46 PDT 2008

Chris Zakes wrote:

> At 10:14 PM 6/19/2008, you wrote:
>> It becames a must when fighters don't bring water or food to an event 
>> and think they will still be standing at the end of the day. Â I have 
>> seen this happen many times. Lady Marlyna Waterbearer for Emerald Keep
> Y'know, my snap-reaction to someone being that stupid would be "think 
> of it as evolution in action" and let them have a bout of heat 
> prostration so that they'd learn better for next time. I wouldn't *do* 
> it, but I'd be tempted.

Yeah, personal responsibility and all that.  But who among us has never 
left something behind when heading off to an event?  So you're just 
about to pull up to gate with just enough time for armor inspection, 
having driven 5 hours to get to the event site, and realize that your 
cooler full of water bottles is still sitting in the kitchen.  So your 
choices are to opt out of the tournament after driving 5 hours to 
participtate in it because you don't have time for the 30-40 minute 
round trip to and from the nearest location that sells bottled water 
(which may turn out to be a lot harder to find than the "it's easy, 
trust me" directions you just got), or you can check in, make it to 
inspection, and fight in the tournament.  After driving 5 hours, you 
KNOW which you will choose.  Waterbearers save you from having to spend 
your time between rounds hitting up all your friends for water.

I don't think I've ever attended an event where I didn't leave something 
at home, including that neat shrink-wrapped case of bottled water 
sitting on the dryer next to the door into the garage.  I've done that 
when I had just enough time to make it to site for armor inspection.  
But I'm not a fighter, so I stopped and bought water.  I've also carried 
my cooler with ice and bottles of water to the list field many times, 
freely handing out water to anyone who asked and offering it to anyone 
who looked like they could use it.  But when that cooler is fifty yards 
away and I'm the list herald on a list field for a round that seems like 
it's been going on forever, I really appreciate it when a water bearer 
brings water to me, rather than having to tell the fighters at my field 
that we'll be taking a little break so I can schlep over and grab yet 
another bottle of water.

Then again, I guess I could just plop my rather garish cooler down right 
beside the list field.  Then I'd be able to hand both fighters a bottle 
of water at the same time I was giving the victor the cards for the list 
mistress.  Except for some reason it seems their hands are usually full, 
and it's not always easy to open a bottle while wearing gauntlets, so 
maybe that's not the best answer.  I know - how about having someone 
with a squeeze bottle of water . . . oh.  Never mind.

Besides, in our Kingdom our water-bearers are very well organized.  When 
you *know* something is going to be there, sometimes you'll count on it 
being there, particularly when you're in a hurry.  Remember, the first 
word in "SCA" is "Society."  We should help each other out and be able 
to expect a certain amount of help when we need it.  At least that's how 
I choose to play this game, even if we should demonstrate personal 
responsibility.  Our water bearings system works, and it works well, 
thanks to the hard work and dedication of those who make it work.  It 
would be a real shame to mess with it, just like it would be a real 
shame if people didn't offer to help out with some aspect of the work at 
an event just because it's not their home group.

Just my opinion, of course.

  Miles Grey

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