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> To keep fireants away, an simple, inexpensive and environmentally-safe 
> solution is...cinnamon. Yes, just plain old ground cinnamon, sprinkled 
> around the perimeter of  wherever you don't want the ants to be.
> Enviromentalists believe that it screws up their pheremone
> trails, but for whatever reason, they avoid it like the plague and will
> exit the area.
> Suzanne Beraud
> Bjornsborg

I don't recall who told me this, and I haven't yet tried it, but to avoid mosquito's, I was told to use 'bounce' dryer sheets - just wipe them on your exposed ankles and arms and tuck it in your clothing somewhere. Plus it smells good.  Also, there is now a new mosquito repellent that is a dry spray-on powder that is not the greasy smelly product we are used to. 

Cheers, Hillary

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