[Ansteorra] The Waterbearing Bruhaha

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I'm not sure that is true. We already do that in several offices. Though it
would be possible to have completely different law in adjacent counties, it
does not happen. All local laws are pretty much derived from the federal
food code. There are small local variances. Anything else would result in
chaos as people tried to figure out how to do business at multiple
locations. Areas that had weird laws would find people avoiding them.

Caelin on Andrede

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You're still looking at an office that has to change
based on country, state, city and county health and
food codes.  It's not really feasable.

--- Rose & Chad <love at roseandchad.net> wrote:

> Well, the Chiurgeon already has alot of duties... I
> meant adding one person for this... Although that
> might also be complicated... And possibly the
> Waterbearing officer we already have could do
> it...Hmm...
>   :)
>   R the O
> rurikthered at swordworks.org wrote:
>   We have just such a person already....it called a
> chirurgeon...which is
> the office where waterbearing is officialy under per
> copora
> Rurik
> > Just had a thought...
> >
> > Why can't each local group have a food safety
> officer, maybe even as a
> > deputy of the Senechal, to know what's correct for
> the area? This person
> > could contact their local health department about
> once per year to ask
> > about the rules and regs, and then then make sure
> that all of the food
> > events (feasts, taverns, hospitality, contests,
> classes, etc.) in that
> > area follow accordingly. Making sure would be a
> quick call prior to the
> > event to each person in charge of a a food event
> to keep them updated.
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