[Ansteorra] Outdoor Eventing: Ants, Chiggers, Mosquitos, Fleas and Flies

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Fri Jun 20 13:58:18 PDT 2008

Actually if ingested in sufficient quantity, Pyrethrins can be quite 
toxic to animals. It can cause seizures. However it has been my 
experience that in  the doses used in back yards, spread around, it does 
not seem to be an issue. Just if the pet ate something covered in it or 
chewed on the box. But it is a toxin so use it with care and watch out 
for any extra sniffing around your pet might do for a couple of days. It 
is also short lived, being of the organic variety.

Diatomacious earth is actually microscopically small silcone shards. It 
causes insects great distress because it scratches off their coating and 
makes them unable to stay hydrated and they die.  It also sticks to them 
and they can't escape it and they bring it back to each other.  It can 
have bad effects on people/pets if you get it in your eyes. When 
combined with pesticide the pesticide has the soonest reaction and the 
diatoms stick around awhile.

Rain degrades the pyrethrin and washes away the diatoms.

Dried tobacco is a great bug deterrant. There are some beautiful 
varieties of tobacco so toxic you are warned not to smoke them. 
Apparently the nicotine content is so high as to be toxic. Kinda scary, 
huh. So, grow a beautiful plant with gorgeous flowers, dry the leaves, 
grind them up, sprinkle them in the garden and avoid the bug problems. 
Sounds good to me!

End of chemistry/horticulture lesson.


Donna Nesbit wrote:
> Thank you for all of the information.  Pyrethrium (sp) is an insectiside that is derived from mums.  It is generally non-toxic to animals, but bugs do not like it.  

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