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Alice  Morrow Harris wrote:
> Greetings From Alina Unto All:
>  If we're going to make changes on waterbearing, we need to also start 
>  changing our policy on the feasts we serve at our events. There are 
>  probably folks on the list who had food poisoning from some of those 
>  feasts.
> Just My 2 Cents,
>  Alina

My wife and I have had a total of 3 confirmed cases each of food  poisoning 
from SCA feasts in the last 18 years.  That is the main reason I  never eat SCA 
feasts anymore, because at my age, the next time could kill  me.
Baron Bors of  Lothian
Baron Loch Soillier
Malleus et  Deus

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