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I agree, it was a great war!  We almost made it the whole week (arrived 
Sunday).  Hopefully next year.  Would have liked to have known there 
were more Ansteorrans there.  We found some friends from Northkeep later 
in the week.

Lilies is a fun, relaxed war--not as competitive since its themes are 
guilds/groups versus other members of the same kingdom.  And the classes 
are amazing.  Lampwork, building a period kiln, and using a kick wheel 
for making the pots are classes I hope to get to take someday.  I was 
too busy with the classes in the Dark Ages series and learning how to 
use a warp weighted loom.  Since Lilies is at a lake it attracts Vikings 
at times--they had two Viking ships this year.  If you're willing to 
help row they'll take you out.  We caught a fair wind and were able to 
sail back to shore at quite a good speed.  There were at least three 
parties where food and drink were provided by the sponsoring 
Shire/Barony.   Three Rivers' Fireworks on Friday night are awesome. 

Downside is the ticks.  And often the weather--though this year we were 
spared the wrath of Thor.  Also, I agree, _I_ don't care for the shared 
drinking tube.  (My husband, the fighter,  tells me they will give you a 
non-contact version if you ask for it.) However, I am amused that some 
of those who balk at sharing the water, will quite willingly pass the 
communal mug of mead later that night. 

I have been to Gulf and Estrella and enjoyed both.  Someday I hope to 
make it to Pennsic.  So far Lilies is my favorite.  Attendance was down 
it seemed this year.  Many were probably affected by the terrible floods 
up north.  If you haven't made it to Lilies yet, I'd definitely 
recommend it.

HL Rayya (Ismet)
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