[Ansteorra] February Marshallate authorizations

Mike Dudley casualgeek at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 04:28:49 PST 2008

FYI:  14.Geroge M. Duelley-Collwyn O'Snowdon    is misspelled.  Probably my
poor handwriting.
My last name is Dudley.  Just wanted to let you know so you could correct
your records.

- Mike (aka Collwyn)
 casualgeek at gmail.com

On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 9:45 PM, Bianca della Vittoria <
bianca_celtic at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  Greeting Everyone,
>  Here are the authorization for February, again, if you see it on this
> list it means it has been issued, entered in the marshallate database and
> mailed with the exception of the problem list. Marshals, if you scan forms
> to me you do not need to send the other form by mail, the scanned from is
> sufficent.
>  New Issues:
>  1.Valerie Henderson-Vanessa de Verona
>  2.Jessica Smith-Vyolante de Oporto
>  3.Brent Smity-Hans Faust
>  4.Cameron Lewis-Cassius Domitius Lepus
>  5.Rick Drake-Ainar Magnusson
>  6.Shawn Cornelius-Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
>  7.Heidemarie Brandes-Ahlanna a'Becket
>  8.Cody Chezem-Thorwald Egilsson
>  9.Jennie Moidel-Margali MacDonald
>  10.Robert Eby-Robert Robertson
>  11.Jacob Larmour-Jacobo Dellafonte
>  12.John M. Atkinson-Ioannes Dalassesnos
>  13.Michael Geisendorff-Aaron Mac Gregor
>  14.Geroge M. Duelley-Collwyn O'Snowdon
>  15.Joshua C. Crane-Aegelmaere Redmund
>  16.Ruth Cantu-Amaryllis Marinarc
>  17.Jeffrey A. Zuber
>  18.Marlin G. Stout III-Charles MacKinnon
>  19.Lori Wyvill-Alesone Lesley
>  20.William Troy Bertram-Godfrey De Cruce of Yorkshire
>  21.Jason Bressie-Aedinias
>  22.Patrick Rinato-Dante Regusa
>  23.De Clark-Ulf Nach Dem Tor
>  24.Anthony Neal Emmel-Snaebjorn Haraldsson
>  25.Kenneth R. Theriot-Kenneth MacQuarre of Tobeimory
>  26.Kevin Walsh-Trian Caoimhe
>  27.Taya Ann Retterer-Anastasia Thea Gemini
>  28.David Goldie-Coenred Act Ravenesdale
>  29.Justin Cargill
>  30.Donna Belcher-Naima bint Rashid al-Andalusigya
>  31.Daniel White-Thomas of Conway
>  32.Daniel Roberts-Murad Fezzik Ager
>  33.Brett Chandler-Finch-Goldweard of St. Golias
>  34.Cynthia Derrick-Isabella of Bryn-Gwlad
>  35.Kelly Hatcher-Ceallach mac Donal
>  36.Frank Rhea Kirchgraber-Derric Greywolf
>  37.Sara Mast-Sarra Asshton of York
>  38.Paul Hanies-Alden Drake
>  39.Margaret Elzabeth Marsh-Margaret Gryflydd
>  Reissues:
>  40. Christian Dore
>  41. Brett Chandler Finch-Goldweard of St. Golias
>  42.Robert Alan Kirksey-Brom O'Brien
>  43.Guy Lenayelleahu-Mogor
>  44.Melissa Dunivan-Wissa Medvedeva
>  Problems:
>  Michael J. Bearth-Akashi Tsurugi- no authorizations or marshal marked
>  Carl L. York-unsigned waiver
>  Richard Nunn-Ricciardo da Nicolosi- unsigned and undated waiver
>  Jamin Peterson-No authorizing marshal listed
>   all of these are previous problem forms from previous months that remain
> unresolved at this time.
>  Just a reminder, write as clearly as possible on the marshallate forms
> and allow 30 days for the card to be issued from the time the paperwork is
> received by me! I have tried to get out the cards as quickly as possible
> since war is about here but I also am getting ready and packing for war this
> week!
>  Speaking of that, Gulf War is almost upon us, so as you can see February
> was a busy month for authorizations. I hope everyone who can attend Gulf
> Wars has a wonderful time. Get everything packed, have fun and please
>  travel safely on the roads.
>  In Service,
>  HL Bianca della Vittoria
>  marshallate secretary
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