[Ansteorra] Gulf War favors

Jan Van Zandt hejanais at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 1 15:22:00 PST 2008

  Since the inception of the Gulf War, the Amazon Household has been making favors to give to the Ansteorran heavy weapons warriors who are at the war for their first time.  Once a fighter receives a favor, he/she may add another small black star to represent each year that he/she returns.  The favors are given out at the Saturday fort battle.  
  The main purpose of the Amazon Household is to support the heavy weapons fighting in the SCA in any way that we can.  Over the years we have made and given out over 2500 of these handmade favors. This year, thanks, in particular, to the generosity and endeavors of Amazons who live in the Crown Lands of the Southern Region (Wizzy,Meliora, Theresa and Elsbeth) we have an abundance of favors.  So if somewhere in your travels you have lost your favor, please let us know and we will be able to replace it. Please let me know at hejanais at yahoo.com or come by the Ffynnon Gath (Rhoadd/Amazon) encampment at the war.  We will also be glad to add the black stars for you.
  It gives us great pride to serve our Kingdom in this fashion and it warms our hearts all year long to see these favors on the belts of the warriors of our great Kingdom.
  In Service,
  Baroness Janais
  Amazon Household
  Shire of Ffynnon Gath

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