[Ansteorra] February Marshallate authorizations

Bianca della Vittoria bianca_celtic at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 2 19:45:47 PST 2008

 Greeting Everyone, 
  Here are the authorization for February, again, if you see it on this list it means it has been issued, entered in the marshallate database and mailed with the exception of the problem list. Marshals, if you scan forms to me you do not need to send the other form by mail, the scanned from is sufficent. 
  New Issues:
  1.Valerie Henderson-Vanessa de Verona
  2.Jessica Smith-Vyolante de Oporto
  3.Brent Smity-Hans Faust
  4.Cameron Lewis-Cassius Domitius Lepus
  5.Rick Drake-Ainar Magnusson
  6.Shawn Cornelius-Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
  7.Heidemarie Brandes-Ahlanna a'Becket
  8.Cody Chezem-Thorwald Egilsson
  9.Jennie Moidel-Margali MacDonald
  10.Robert Eby-Robert Robertson
  11.Jacob Larmour-Jacobo Dellafonte
  12.John M. Atkinson-Ioannes Dalassesnos
  13.Michael Geisendorff-Aaron Mac Gregor
  14.Geroge M. Duelley-Collwyn O'Snowdon
  15.Joshua C. Crane-Aegelmaere Redmund
  16.Ruth Cantu-Amaryllis Marinarc
  17.Jeffrey A. Zuber
  18.Marlin G. Stout III-Charles MacKinnon
  19.Lori Wyvill-Alesone Lesley
  20.William Troy Bertram-Godfrey De Cruce of Yorkshire
  21.Jason Bressie-Aedinias
  22.Patrick Rinato-Dante Regusa
  23.De Clark-Ulf Nach Dem Tor
  24.Anthony Neal Emmel-Snaebjorn Haraldsson
  25.Kenneth R. Theriot-Kenneth MacQuarre of Tobeimory
  26.Kevin Walsh-Trian Caoimhe
  27.Taya Ann Retterer-Anastasia Thea Gemini
  28.David Goldie-Coenred Act Ravenesdale
  29.Justin Cargill
  30.Donna Belcher-Naima bint Rashid al-Andalusigya
  31.Daniel White-Thomas of Conway
  32.Daniel Roberts-Murad Fezzik Ager
  33.Brett Chandler-Finch-Goldweard of St. Golias
  34.Cynthia Derrick-Isabella of Bryn-Gwlad
  35.Kelly Hatcher-Ceallach mac Donal
  36.Frank Rhea Kirchgraber-Derric Greywolf
  37.Sara Mast-Sarra Asshton of York
  38.Paul Hanies-Alden Drake
  39.Margaret Elzabeth Marsh-Margaret Gryflydd
  40. Christian Dore
  41. Brett Chandler Finch-Goldweard of St. Golias
  42.Robert Alan Kirksey-Brom O'Brien
  43.Guy Lenayelleahu-Mogor
  44.Melissa Dunivan-Wissa Medvedeva    
  Michael J. Bearth-Akashi Tsurugi- no authorizations or marshal marked
  Carl L. York-unsigned waiver
  Richard Nunn-Ricciardo da Nicolosi- unsigned and undated waiver
  Jamin Peterson-No authorizing marshal listed  
   all of these are previous problem forms from previous months that remain unresolved at this time. 
  Just a reminder, write as clearly as possible on the marshallate forms and allow 30 days for the card to be issued from the time the paperwork is received by me! I have tried to get out the cards as quickly as possible since war is about here but I also am getting ready and packing for war this week!     
  Speaking of that, Gulf War is almost upon us, so as you can see February was a busy month for authorizations. I hope everyone who can attend Gulf Wars has a wonderful time. Get everything packed, have fun and please  travel safely on the roads.    
  In Service,
  HL Bianca della Vittoria
  marshallate secretary 

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