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GWXVII March 9-16 2008     ealiest GW will be
GWXVIII March 15-22 2009 
latest GW will be
GWXIX March 14-21 2010
GWXX March 13-20 2011
GWXXI March 11-18 2012
GWXXII March 10-17 2013
GWXXIII March 9-16 2014
GWXXIV March 15-22 2015
GWXXV March 13-20 2016
GWXXVI March 12-19 2017

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Greetings From Alina Unto Who Might Know:

Does anyone know why Gulf War week changed? I thought last year's and  
the previous years' week was the third week of March. This year won't  
be during St. Patrick's day.

Just Curious,
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