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paula hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 6 09:28:01 PST 2008

Greetings unto all worthy Nobles of the Magnificent Kingdom of Ansteorra,

Grace and peace unto you from Baron Kainin and Baroness Oriana, overseers of the vast
lands of Bonwicke. We would be honoured by your presence at the investiture of our
successors, Baron Chiang ti Lung and the Lady Li Xiao Wuya, by the hand of Their Royal
Majesties Aaron and Vanessa at Champions of Bonwicke on the twenty-sixth of April in the
year of our Lord two-thousand and eight. 

We further implore you to come and vie for the title of Premiere Champion of the fifth
Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke in the skills of chivalric and rapier combat, as well as
those of the bow and knife, axe and spear.

The day promises to be one of excitement and fulfillment, and as the sun sets, we implore
you to join us in the celebration of the Feast of Saint George, held in honour of our new
Baron and Baroness. We look forward to sharing the hospitality of our great Barony with

Please seek any further information here: http://www.bonwicke.org/champions.html
Or if you wish to sign up immediately, visit our ACCEPS site here:

We remain yours,
Kainin & Oriana
Lord & Lady Bonwicke

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