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On Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 01:18:15PM -0600, Robert Fitzmorgan wrote:
> medieval mad-libs<http://community.livejournal.com/medievalstudies/238493.html>
>  A template for creating your own hagiography.
> Warning:  Some of the remarks in the comments section are a bit crude, so
> skip the comments if you feel you might be offended.

Huzzah! That's quite nice. 

I'm somewhat partial to my generic Viking-era saga, which works in 
much the same way and has got me the occasional swig-of-booze at a 
bardic circle around a campfire. I hereby place it, such as it is, in
the public domain:

There was a man named (male Norse name 1)_____________, who lived in 
(Scandinavian place name)______________. He (occupational verb)_____.
Near him dwelt (male Norse name 2)___________, who (occupational verb)
_______________ and sometimes went a-Viking. 

(male Norse name 1)_____________ was a hard man, though a fair one,   
and quick to act when others (verb of adverse action)_____________    
him. (male Norse name 2)___________ had a name for (rash action type 
or just "rash actions")____________, and was regarded by his neighbor
with (type-of-regard)_______________.

One day (male Norse name 2)___________ (verb of adverse action)_______
______ (male Norse name 1)_____________, and (male Norse name 1)______
_______ told (male Norse name 2)___________ not to do that again. But
(male Norse name 2)___________ did it again, so (male Norse name 1)___
__________ killed him with his (weapon-type)______________.

I'd really like to put it into Backus-Naur form, so that I could use 
the "+" quantifier on actions and attributes, but that might be a bit
much for the readers. 

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