[Ansteorra] Where is everyone.

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 15 07:01:26 PDT 2008

 Perhaps we should send Maria any extra swords and knives we have.  SIGH....
 whimper, I still don't have the throwing axe that was promised to me. 
 I could try and find the box where I have all the knives and see if that
 helps console my lack of GW energy...

 Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd

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> From: "Carolyn Young"
>> and then don't understand when you tell them, "No."  Right?
>> Caitlin, Carolyn, Lyn, Mom, Grandma
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>> From: "Bulgarelli Maria"
>>> That doesn't help with these idiots who think they can
>>> write their last rug cleaning off their taxes.
>>> <mumble> <grumble> #%$@^^%##^# <grumble>
>>> Maria

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