[Ansteorra] Where is everyone.

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Her Majesty's horse stumbled and she slipped off.  Horse and rider were fine.  If anyone knows more, please correct me.

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Someone told me that the Queen did some amazing acrobatics off of her horse,
surprising and amazing the other kingdoms and bringing Ansteorra to a
massive cheer.  Don't know if it is true, but very wonderful to hope for...

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> They knighted Sir Hraffan (sp?) on the field on Friday.  They announced
> the elevation of Evits to the Chivalry in court Friday night.  He will be
> elevated at Steppes Warlord, in the morning court.  Lord Caelleagh of Bryn
> Gwlad was given the Queen's Blade of Honor.  We won the field battle, ravine
> battle and town battle points in chivalric fighting.
> This is all just memory of what was told to me by Mistress Gwyneth and Sir
> Giotto so if I made errors on the battle points forgive me.  My memory is
> not what it used to be in the days I could travel to war.  LOL
> Saundra
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> I've heard a lot of grumbling about not going to war but no news of the war
> it's self. Guess it must have been pretty boring without us. --giggle.> > No
> honestly were there no brillant deeds performed, no surprize announcements,
> no stunning victories, no agonizing defeats?> Roana FitzStephen > Du bist
> niemand als bei eine Katze ungewissand sind. >
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