[Ansteorra] Back from War

Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 09:15:45 PDT 2008

Pardon the bandwidth, but at the request of several friends, Thorgard and
Annes made it home at about 2 am this morning. We are safe and finally awake

The first message I read was about GW attendance. The numbers were down a
bit but I was surprised it was so high what with the conflict over the
spring break for schools.

This was one of the best GW I can remember for the weather. Coolish days and
cool to cold nights with only one day of rain and that happened in the
middle of the night.

While the war ended in a tie as usual, I do believe that in most areas we
kicked butt with the help of our allies. I know our archery community had
many kudos and were prominate in helping win the war.

I haven't heard anything about the volunteer point nor about the hours
served. If anyone knows anything about that, I would appreciate seeing it.

Can't wait for next year and am already planning for it. Those who couldn't
come, it was a good one....one of the best in my memory.
Primary motto: "Muneris ultra Sanitas" *translation* "Service beyond Sanity"
Secondary motto: "Taedium duos limbus pro salus" *Literal translation*
"Wearing two girdles for safety" *Modern Meaning* "Suspenders and a belt"

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