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Youth combat?   Archery ?  Knife axe spear?

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> to give some teasers here's how the armoured war points went:
> Town Battle - Ansteorra won the town battle with a score of 9-4 (I  
> think).
> We held the center building flag during the counting period both at  
> the
> halfway mark and at the end of the battle.  We had approximately 1400
> resurrections to Trimaris' 1700 or so.  I did hear that at one point  
> our
> right flank controlled one of the Trimaris' buildings, but it most  
> not have
> been during the counting portion.
> Field Battle
> Ansteorra won the first two fights, and then lost the third to win  
> this war
> point.
> Bridge Battle
> An awesome fight, and we won this one at the end of a very tough  
> contested
> battle.  I honestly think that a mistake on the center bridge cost  
> Trimaris
> this battle.
> Castle Battle:
> Tie. Covered earlier.
> Ravine Battle:
> We dominated in this one, and managed to control all of the flags  
> almost all
> of the time.
> Champions Battle:
> I'm not certain about this one.  I know that our unbelts went 3-2  
> and our
> belts went 2-3 for a straight up tie.  I'm not certain how our  
> allies did,
> but I'm thinking that we also went 2-3 there and that we might have  
> lost
> this war point.  Detailwise I remember that Centurion Angus, Hrafn,  
> won
> their fight, while Chiang and Evets did not.  For the life of me I'm
> blanking on who the fifth unbelt was.  For the chivalry, I know that  
> Count
> Gunthar defeated his opponent, and so Duke Ulstead who defeated Duke
> Martin.  Sir Gideon and Duke Miguel fell to (I think) Duke Baldur  
> and Duke
> Gaston respectively, and Sir Alexis lost a very intense fight to Sir  
> Tanaka.
> I also think we won the Rapier ravine battle by a narrow margin, and  
> that we
> won the Rapier field.  I'm not sure about the rapier champions battle.
> Hopefully people will flesh in more stories about this.
> JP
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