[Ansteorra] A few thoughts on war

James Crouchet james at crouchet.com
Tue Mar 18 06:54:40 PDT 2008

I think it is worth noting how close this war really was. The war points
don't reflect that but several of those points turned on the actions of a
few individuals or by holding a few seconds more one way or another. In the
rapier field battle were we fight 2 out of 3 the first melee went to
Ansteorra, the second to Trimaris and the third to Ansteorra. In each case
there were few forces of any sort left on the field at the end. In the
rapier ravine one flag was in the process of changing hands when the final
bell sounded so if the battle had gone on a few seconds more it could have
been a Trimarian victory. Our champions battles were lost but not because we
were outclassed by the Trimarans; it was just the result of how a few key
fights broke.

I have heard similar stories from the armored fighters, the A&S and the
volunteer coordinator but I will let them tell you their own stories.

The three points I wish to make here are that:

   - We have found a very worthy opponent in Trimaris and her allies.
   That is a good thing for the best battles are those were we are evenly
   matched with our foes.
   - Every single one of us matters. Those who fought, those who
   marshaled so others could fight, those who volunteered, our craftsmen and
   our leaders. One or two more people either way could have changed the
   outcome of the points.
   - If we are to stand up to Trimaris next year, we must be ready to put
   our best forward for they too will be planning to push a little harder to
   take the war points they lost and defend the ones they won by so thin a

Christian Doré

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