[Ansteorra] The Deed 1387 at GW 17

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Would love to be able to provide more detail, but couldn't attend to it with
the jousting tournament I was running.

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Looks like the Battle of the 30, 100 yrs War period. Alexis could probably
give a great more detail than I. Thay also do it at Pennsic and its neat
with all proper period armor and such.

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> I received this link on my household list and thought some
> may find it
> interesting.
> I will ask someone with knowledge to describe what this
> battle was about  but
> I do know it was the English vs the French and the fighters
> had to pay a
> ransom to continue fighting.
> _http://www.youtube.http://wwwhttp://www.yo_
> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg2aa4ng8A4)
> Genefe Kruse

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