[Ansteorra] A Day in the Life

David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Fri Mar 21 17:38:56 PDT 2008

It's another day for you and me in para------------waitaminnit! How did that 
song get in my head?????

Anywho (#10?) , I just wanted to pass along a quick reminder for Cracked
Anvil in Smythkepe next weekend.  This year's  theme is "A Day in the Life"
(and no, we didn't think twice about it).

We'll have out usual assortment of Heavy Waepons and Rapier Fighting, plus
an assortment of classes to hopefully please one and all:

Light Box Construction
Introduction to Herbs
Carving Soapstone
Beginng and Intermediate Dance
Introduction to List Ministering
Beginning Embroidery
Adapting Mundane Patterns
Introduction to Period Games

Our A&S Theme is "Everyday Life in the Middle Ages"  Documentation is
required and entries will be judged using Kingdom A&S Rules.  Please, NO
Alcoholic entries since this is a Dry Site.

And you will be staying for Feast, no? Lord Cinaed of Eden is preparing what
promises to be a filling and fulfilling feast featuring pork loin, venison,
barley & rice pilaf,  creme brulle tarts, fruit tarts, and "Joe Froggers"
(molasses spice cookies, not frog legs). If you partook of the winning
entries at the Diamond Wars cooking competition last year, this will be at
least as good, if not better. Please remember to bring your feast gear
(including bowls).

And yes, we will have merchants including Old World Merchants, All the
Trimmings, That Special Touch, Markplatt von Otto, and possibly a few more.

There will also be a Silent Auction to raise funds for the Gleann Abhann 
Royal Travel Fund.

So, now you're probably wondering where all this is taking place?  The site
is Shoal Creek Methodist Camp  near New Blaine, AR

>From points east (Lagerdamm, Small Gray Bear, Grey Niche) :

Take your best route to I-40, exit 81 ( Arkansas 7 Russellville)
Turn south on AR 7 and follow 8 Miles to AR 22 at Dardanelle
Turn Right (West) on AR 22 and go 19 miles to Methodist Youth Camp Road (on
your left)

Turn Left (South) on Methodist Youth Camp Road and follow signs to site
(approx 1 mile)

>From points west (Northkeep, Wiesenfeuer, Namron)

Take your best route to I-40, exit 55 (US 64 / Arkansas 109 
Turn West on US 64 and go 1 Mile to AR 109
Turn Left (South) on Hwy 109 and go approx 13 miles to Arkansas Hwy 22 at 
Turn Left (East) on Hwy 22 and go 3 miles to Methodist Youth Camp Road

Turn Right (South) on Methodist Youth Camp Road and follow signs to site
(approx 1 mile)

For those with magical locating devices, the coordinates are  35°16'58.87"N

Site fees (Cash only at the door)
-Adult: $18
-Children under 12 $10
-Off-board (NO Feast) $12

Please add $3 for non-SCA members

Remember: basic site fee includes all meals except feast. That means 
Travellers Fare, breakfast and lunch.

And yes, I know there are competing events, but what if I said you'd have 
more fun here?  What if I told you our fuel price is only $3.05 today? What
if I said I would hold my breath until I turn blue if you don't attend?

Well, we hope you'll attend simply because we're wonderful people. ;)

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