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Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 20:53:26 PDT 2008

Oh dear.....

I beg pardon to the north and the kingdom. And I also beg forgiveness
of the Lady Elizabeth Blackthrone .

My preceding post was *supposed* to go directly to her, but my "send
to" button didn't do what I thought it did, and I didn't check the
address before hitting send.

For the record, I stand by everything I wrote (with apologies for
typos). And I also reiterate that I sent this message solely for the
purpose of keeping this conversation constructive. I have conflicting
opinions on the topic of principality, and have not decided what I
think of the subject this time around.

With apologies and best wishes

Ivo Blackhawk.

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 10:47 PM, Cisco Cividanes <engtrktwo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Elizabeth,
>  Unfortunately, such talk as yout port has always, and I mean "always!"
>  been the ignition factor for extremely caustic, violent and nasty
>  turns in the discussion of principality. Not only is is crossroad's
>  keep at the extreme edge of any potential political rezoning, their is
>  absolutely no certainty that Bonwick, Brad leah, Namron or Wiesenfeuer
>  would even cooperate with this idea. More to the point, some
>  individuels in these groups consider such ambitions to be an affront
>  to their and their group.
>  I will not take sides on this issue, and I have exceptional reasons to
>  support a number of opinions, but actively keep my opinions to myself.
>  Any talk of succession from Ansteorra will have overwhelming negative
>  effects, and will alienate and vilify many people necessary to simply
>  keep the north running as it is, never mind the fact that the people
>  who's support we would absolutely require were we to become a
>  principality or a kingdom.
>  Regardless of what each of us believe, the issue at hand for the
>  moment is that of principality, and the CONSTRUCTIVE reasons for
>  pursuing that option. Framing this conversation as any sort of
>  corrective action for a wrong on the part of the kingdom (real or
>  perceived) is not only a death sentence for the concept of
>  principality, but an astonishingly efficient way to hurt other people
>  in the north.
>  Please remember, while you have your own opinions about the kingdom
>  and its administration, and they are not unique, they are also not
>  held by a majority of the people of the north. Nothing will be
>  accomplished is this movement is characterized by anger, resentment,
>  hostility or discontent. Even if we were to miraculously be granted
>  kingdom status tomorrow,  the culture that still exists in the state
>  of Oklahoma would still require the support and attendance of the
>  better part of the SCA population in Texas until their is sufficient
>  time for the social changes to take place at their own pacing.

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