[Ansteorra] In need of a crown, so to speak

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Dear Don Elric,

Thank you so very much for this history of these crowns. I had not heard it
before even when they were displayed in the Museum at XXX. I have forwarded
this message to my historian gmail account so that when that account passes
to whomever becomes the next kingdom Historian they too will have this
account for reference.

Mistress Annes
Kingdom Historian, Ansteorra
Primary motto: "Muneris ultra Sanitas" *translation* "Service beyond Sanity"
Secondary motto: "Taedium duos limbus pro salus" *Literal translation*
"Wearing two girdles for safety" *Modern Meaning* "Suspenders and a belt"

On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 7:53 AM, Elric Dracwin <dracwin at cox.net> wrote:

> Sadly they are in a poor state of repair. HL Malaki Dracwin and I
> inspected
> them at AAA and noted many missing pearls and obvious "drop" damage though
> the stone inlay was intact. The Ansteorran star in the "laurel tree" at
> the
> top of the imperial arches was missing from one (or was that both?) of
> them.
> To my knowledge they have only been used in court those two times. They
> have
> been put on display a half-dozen or so times. Malaki and I were surprised
> when his design was selected. Though beautiful and well researched we
> thought they were a little more than what would be worn by most Crowns.
> They
> don't weigh as much as the English coronation crowns but they are more
> than
> twice the weight of the Ansteorran daily wear crowns. However, a
> commission
> from the King is not easily turned away so I engineered them and we began
> construction. Ask Malaki to see the pictures he has from when they had
> just
> been completed.
> A little trivia:
> Each crown has over 200 pearls individually mounted on pins and over 1,000
> inlaid malachite laurel leaves. The Ansteorran stars are inlaid jet. The
> Ansteorran stars at the top of the imperial arches were sandblast cut from
> a
> matching pair of obsidian slabs which had been shear cut from a thick
> slab.
> They were cut so the banding would be identical and "cutting" took about
> 40
> hours each. The imperial arches are removable for a less formal look (and
> reduced weight). The velvet bonnet inside the arches and the fur trim on
> the
> bottom are removable in case you want a different color. They have
> adjustable lace and pearl accented straps on top and swappable padding
> around the bottom to help fit them to the King and Queen. The late Master
> Edward de Orleans handcrafted a pair of wooden boxes designed secure the
> crowns from movement. Mistress Cerridwen and her sister Lady Yvonne
> created
> pillows each with a raised oval for more secure placement which were
> embroidered with the King's or Queen's device. It took the two of us 3
> years
> to complete the pair. The total cost was about $650 in materials including
> the boxes and pillows.
> Don Elric Dracwin
> Baron Wiesenfeuer
> Crownsmith
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> They last appeared at AAA when Annes had them in history display.  TRM
> Miguel and Conal II also processed into one of their Courts (I think it
> was
> stepping down) using them.
> Brian
> On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 10:27 PM, Jerry <dreifuerst at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Oh, my!  Are those *still* in use?  Last I saw them were on Bear and
> > Catherine's heads 16 years ago.  I thought they'd been relegated to the
> > annals of history.
> >
> > Othar
> >
> > >Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 12:22:57 EDT
> > >From: Baronman at aol.com
> >
> > >Which one?????  The crown the king and Queen usually wear, or the
> >  Imperial
> > Margerine crowns?
> > >Bors
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