[Ansteorra] Nordsteorra

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Sat Mar 22 07:46:33 PDT 2008

Because there is always that future possibility, then it would be a
great disservice to the residents of the new principality to form one
that would be geographically incapable of eventually becoming it's own

It never HAS to go there but if it ever became a good idea it would be
BAD to have a region that had it's own identity, that needed stand on
it's own but was not built for it.

I can see that in 20 or 30 years that our populations can have grown to 
a point that we will need to subdivide the kingdom to serve the
populace. (I can hope)

I do not _want _to see Ansteorra the Great broken up for any reason but
I realize the administrative and social realities of large populations.
When it is needed and wanted it should be possible. Until then, they
will be a great part of Ansteorra, as alway.

I do not see it as a prelude to secession, but as a regional maturity.

I could only support a principality under these circumstances.


bsmall at suddenlink.net wrote:
> It's a good question.
> A lot of people feel there's a natural evolution or journey starting with principality and ending with kingdom.
> The option is there, of course, but as the original poster stated, there are a number of positives just being a principality.

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