[Ansteorra] Nordsteorra

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 22 08:02:56 PDT 2008

  To answer your question, refer back to the reasons I
gave. The topic of discussion IS and shall remain,
perpetual Principality.
  Those of us who live in the Northern Region, are
aware of very strong feelings about being Ansteorran,
and have no wish to leave OUR KINGDOM.(yes,I am one of
  I proposed a "Perpetual Principality", as you put
it, and that is what I am trying to start a discussion
  I have been in the SCA for 9 years, all of it in
Ansteorra, and, I hope to have many more years as an
  So, please, let us get back to the discussion at
hand, a permanent Pricipality consisting of the
Northern Region as it now exists.

  In service, Lord Admiral Robert Haddock, ARN(ret)

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