[Ansteorra] Nordsteorra

Kelandra Carmichael Kelandra_C at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 22 10:30:24 PDT 2008

Good Gentles All,
I would ask that those of you pursuing this thread please take the time to 
edit your text so that you are speaking only for yourself and not all of the 
people of the Northern Region. I ask this only so that words are not put 
into the mouths of other people. What you write and what you mean in your 
posts is purely your opinion and it should be made clear that is the case.

For some time I personally have been promoting northern peace, prosperity, 
and unity. There are many people like myself who have been working along 
similar lines and I think most if not all are survivors of the last 
Principality push in the north from a few years ago. It was the outcome of 
the push that crystallized this plan of action for myself, because I saw 
first hand the pain and devastation that was a result of that push. For 
myself I would wish that we all continue to pursue those same goals of 
peace, prosperity, and unity while doing so we do need to continue to have 
fun together as people of the North. Possibly in time when the group issues 
have been resolved in the former western region, and we have more time to 
develop and build our new relationship with the new parts of the Northern 
Region we might discuss our options and opinions and a principality may be 
something that will occur naturally from that growth and development. To 
push the issue now especially with things unresolved in the former western 
region I feel would only harm your ideas and ambitions. I would recommend 
caution, clarity, and compassion how ever you choose to discuss this 

Ian Dun Gillan
Baron of Northkeep 

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