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Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 18:56:38 PDT 2008

Okay, I would like to throw a few questions into the mix. And I do not
say this as any attempt to sidestep the idea of principality, or out
of any disrespect for the good captain.

However, I firmly believe that if a topic is to be discussed,
alternatives should be presented, even if only to shore up the
supporting evidence of the original idea.

Is it possible to address the issues mentioned in The Captain's
original posting without forming a Principality? Could, for example, a
northern regional fund be established to help pay for royal travel
north? (just concept, and not even a fully thought out one...so nobody

I know their were regional champions in the past, and that the heavy
weapons champions served as war leaders and 'middle men" between the
crown and the region. Is that idea possible now, or did it die its
quiet death for a good reason?

I don't know that *I* have enough information to suggest that the
north is underrepresented, however, if we accept that as fact for a
moment; Is their any way of improving the current system of B&Bs that
presently dot the North? As I understand it, only Brad leah and
Mooneschadowe presently don't have a royal representation within their
own lands. I don't speak for Brad Leah, but given Mooneschadowe's
history, and its present demographic, I seriously doubt that their is
any feeling on underrepresentation within my own group.(my opinion,
and I could be wrong)  Ergo, I repeat, if we feel that the present
setup is lacking, can the existing system of Landed Nobles be improved
in some way to fix this.

**** A possible idea (again, this is me thinking out loud) would be
some form of Northern Regional "redtape" type event where the crown
and NR officers and Landeds can all address current NR issues face to

And Now, with the inclusion of Bonwick, the North now faces the
prospect of traveling six hours in some cases and not leaving its own
borders. I am sure this will bring its own set of issues and stresses,
and these too will need to be addressed if Bonwick is to be
effectively included in the northern culture.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
"God Save the King"

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