[Ansteorra] Nordsteorra

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 22 20:33:06 PDT 2008

Milord Ivo,
  As always, my very good friend, your wise counsel
rings through, even when my single mindedness of
purpose borders on "cranial rectumitis".
  Of course other points of view, as well as options
need included in the discussion at hand.
  To all, especially any I may have offended with my
bull headedness, I sincerely appologize for that lapse
in debate ettiquette. (been much longer than I care to
admit since my last appearence in debate class)
  So, let us begin, again, and have a hearty debate on
the subject, but let us also heed His Excellency's
advice, and not lose sight of our goal, that being
what is  best for Ansteorra as a whole.

  I am, and remain, a somewhat humbled, Ld Adm Rob Haddock

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