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Salut cozyns,

How each of us perceives a principality depends upon our personal experiences with such entities. Friends from the West, where Mists has been a principality since before most of the other kingdoms were even a possibility, don't understand what all the noise is about. Yes, Principalities form as a preliminary step to splitting off a new kingdom, but that's not the only reason for forming one. 

As Master Robin's post suggests, a Principality might also be formed to provide other varieties of support. I do not, however, agree that those possible supports are reason or rubric for establishing a principality. Nor do I believe you can argue for the success or failure of an incipient principality based on its success as a region. Announce that your region is pushing to form a principality, and you'll likely see an renewed interest in administering and supporting the group. Once the peers of the region of Artemisia (which had formerly been part of the principality of the Outlands) announced that we would be working to become a principality, our growth--in a sparsely populated part of the country--was phenomenal. A process of growth toward principality that we thought would take three or four years took less than a year.

>From my perspective, as a former denizen of Atenveldtan Artemisia, principalities look like a good idea simply because they're fun. They provide a whole other layer of spectacle in court, on the battlefield, and in Coronet lists. Prince becomes one practice ground for many future Kings. Principalities are a shot in the arm for morale and esprit de corps, especially when the principality in question is a natural outgrowth of a clearly distinct subculture within the kingdom--like Nordsteorra. I think it would be fun to inject a few Northern viscounts into Ansteorra.

Yes, the name sounds like a subset of Ansteorra, which you probably won't want if you're anticipating possiby splitting off some day. If not, though, you might consider trying to keep it. If you decide to split off as an independent kingdom some day, you can always change your name just prior to the split.

Mes deux sous.

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> Greetings to all,
> Just my two cents...
> Speaking from a business point of view. The only time (in most cases) a 
> company spins off a portion of itself is when it is weak and loosing money. 
> I do NOT believe the North is weak, Nor do I believe the South is either. A 
> wise man once said, "Together we stand, divided we fall." I believe 
> Ansteorra should remain as a whole kingdom and not fragmented one. Ok, that 
> was a business point of view.
> Now more on a personal level... There are other concerns too such as gas 
> prices, travel times, and other mundane personal problems to worry about as 
> well. Sometime when families (and we are a family) are spread out it seems 
> that one or two might feel neglected. That's why we have to pull together 
> and make the effort to support those members/groups. I for one am planning 
> to do just that. So I'm going to pick an event in Oklahoma and travel up 
> there not only to visit, but to offer my services to work the event. Because 
> together we stand, divided we fall... I do believe that in the future when 
> kingdom memberships counts are very high this might be a good topic for 
> discussion. Forming a new principality or kingdom will be the best idea, but 
> not just yet. I do feel that good steady growth is healthy for a society 
> such as ours.
> Well, that's just my two cents.
> In Service,
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