[Ansteorra] What are you doing today?

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> Happy Easter
>  What would your persona be doing today?

My persona would be on a different calendar, where Pascha comes next month.  :)

So it's liturgy--and being prior to the 14th century, it will not
commemorate St. Gregory Palamas.  I believe, but am not 100% sure,
that the Gospel remains the story of the four friends letting down the
paralyzed man through the roof.

For the meal afterwards, some bread, fruit, and a little olive oil and
wine (as it is Sunday) and not much else.

Ioannes Dalassenos
mka John M. Atkinson
"Thousands of Sarmatians, Thousands of Franks, we've slain them again
and again. We're looking for thousands of Persians."
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